The Agriturismo is called after the Mountain Frontino, which marks the boundary of the farm.

The farm resort accommodates guests into two rural homes arising on the left bank of the River Candigliano. The more ancient one is called "Ca Tofano" and dates back to the 17th century; the second house: "La Biagina" is more recent. Both the two rural homes arise in a beautiful wood of 80 hectares and they have been redecorated in respect of the original building materials, rooms and volumes.


This place boasts an important past too. In fact, according to what the historian Delio Bischi says, during the upper Middle Ages, the Mountain Frontino and its castle with the hexagonal fortress had a very important position because they were a defensive stronghold of the Corridor that connected Ravenna, Urbino, Gubbio and Rome during the Byzantine-Longobard war.

The Castle was an important stronghold, so much that Sebastiano Macci mentioned the fortress and its very strategic position in "De istoria" (- 4th book - Venice MDCXIII). He wrote "... Di fronte si vede Frontino, Castello ora non spregevole e un tempo baluardo fortificatissimo in un altissimo colle separato dall'Appennino, luogo eccellentissimo..."

There are other historical documents about the castle; for example, in the end of the 18th century, the Bishop of Urbino wrote a report about the destruction of Frontino, thus testifying its importance


Owing to its special nature, this place is unsuitable for children.