For Gianni and Cristina, the landowners, this place is like a dream. In order to realize their dream, they left Milan in eighties and since then they have been devoting themselves to lead a life respectful for man and nature.


It is in the landowners’ wish to share their choice with guests. Therefore, the green hotel offers the opportunity to spend holidays in a very relaxing and politeness atmosphere, enjoying the beauty of nature and experiencing a new way of live. The lady of the house is an herbalist and she is always at guests’ disposal to give advice and information about flora, officinal herbs, and health therapies. Besides, she will be happy to make your stay pleasant by offering you infusions, herbal teas, and herbal liqueurs.


The family run of the green hotel is conspicuous for the great care of food, so here you’ll taste genuine dishes only. In fact, the owners take great care of ingredients by using organic products and foodstuffs only.


Washing is done at home and gets dry in the sun.