Guests have large green spaces at their disposal. See

The farm is a “wildlife protection and a no kill area”, so it’s the ideal place for people who are respectful of nature and love wildlife, and animal watching.

With reference to animal watching, at Frontino, you’ll have the opportunity to know the wood better, enjoying very exciting moments. In fact, the landowners organises day or night excursion on request.

The farm produces durum wheat, spelt and kamut pasta, and uses organic ingredients only; but the most interesting activities concern the truffle growing, the checking of natural truffle-grounds, and the experimentation about cultivated truffle-grounds. See


The green farm will give you the opportunity to spend a very relaxing and peaceful holiday, which will permit you to forget the every day hotfooting.

Thanks to the silent mystery of wood and the bright green of meadows, and enjoying beautiful views you’ll regain your drive...See


Equipments: Deck chairs, Table and chairs outside, Porch, Hammock, parking.