Guests have at their disposal:

  • SUITE N°1:
    entry - two double rooms - bath room with box shower (4 beds)
  • SUITE N°2:
    living room - a double room - bath room with box shower (2 + 2 beds)
    room - bath with shower
    a big portico - entry - kitchen with fire-place - living room with fire-place - bed room - bath with box shower (2 + 3 beds)


The green resort accommodates guests in welcoming houses arising in the greenery of countryside. Therefore, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere and the calm rhythm of a simple way of living. Rooms’ furnishings are old and original with few essential amenities that create a plain but pleasant style.

Rooms are not air conditioned because they’re naturally cool and bright.


All the rooms are equipped to turn every stay comfortable.

The common rooms’ furnishings are tasteful. In fact, lounges and restaurant have been furnished aiming at creating a convivial atmosphere.


Equipments: Internet, Toaster, Electric oven gas, Dishwasher, Electric Kettle, Mixer, Fridge frezeer, Television, Satellite TV, Washing machine, Mosquito nets, Drying rack, Heating charges to be paid on the spot, Hair dryer, Cot with linens, Firs aid kit.