The province of Pesaro - Urbino is known as the "beautiful province” and it’s characterized by its landscapes, in fact, by covering just few kilometers through the region it’s possible to enjoy mountain, hill and coast views.


It also has great historical and archaeological interest the Roman road Flaminia that linked Rome with the Adriatic coastline. We suggest visiting the two tunnels of the gorge of Furlo, the first one is just few meters large and dates back to the Roman period, the second one has been built in modern times and is 3 kilometers long.


This zone is an ideal place for art lovers. Urbino, the birthplace of Raffaello and the Ideal City of the Renaissance, is just few kilometres far from our resort.
Besides, art lovers will be surprised by the little old towns in the valleys of the Rivers Candigliano and Metauro, like Cagli, Piobbico, Urbania, Sant’Angelo in Vado, Mercatello, because they’re rich in churches, palaces, finds and masterpieces which date back to the Roman period, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The lovers of modern art will be surprised by these towns too.


To the nature lovers, we suggest visiting the Natural Reserve of Furlo (few kilometres from the Agriturismo, and the two National Parks of “Simone and Simoncello” and of “S. Bartolo” (in the Adriatic Coast).



Professional Guides of the cooperative “La Macina” will accompany in fascinating excursions. See


Another very charming itinerary is the “5 museums itinerary”; thanks to it, you’ll visit 5 little museums keeping very interesting finds, here you’ll admire the Mesozoic reptile "UGO", and one of the most famous bears of the Quaternary period (they appeared during the Riss glaciations, round two million years ago).
Who wants to visit historical places, will have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, by visiting the fortresses (more than 20) arising in the zone.